Essential Financial Advice

Debt Management

Having multiple bad debts can be very stressful and drain your cash flow, so we like to formulate a debt repayment plan whenever possible.  Sometimes a debt consolidation may be the best option if you have equity available in your home, rather than paying high credit card interest rates.

If you can’t consolidate to a low interest home loan, we prioritise your debts based on how much you owe on each and what the interest rates are, then start paying them off one at a time.  This is called a debt domino and once you get rid of the first one it just gets better from there.  Before you know it you will have paid off your credit cards and car loans and have a lot more surplus income for other financial strategies.

Once your bad debts are paid off or under control, we might feel that some good debt would be useful in your situation.  Good debt is when you borrow money to invest in an income producing asset, like property or shares.