Essential Financial Advice


Always Willing to Take My Calls

I was recommended to Shonel through a friend, so initiated contact to discuss options and ideas for discussion with my partner for further thought. That was four years ago, and we haven’t looked back since.

As we have two kids, and are self employed, like most we had no idea where to turn or how to start looking after ourselves in the long term, and starting our kids on a road to some sort of financial head start. After explaining what we were thinking and where we wanted to head to, Shonel presented us with various options, and explained them so easily that we could understand and choose what course was best for us. These measures covered Life Insurances, Superannuations and Investment Portfolios to name a few.

As we have progressed through stages, and our business has grown, every year we sit down with Shonel and evaluate where we are at, how our portfolios are progressing, and the different needs in areas as our situations change, and she takes into account our long term goal and suggests various measures to improve or change our structures.

This year, we needed to implement a range of tax savings through the business, and including our home loans. As Shonel has always known our bigger picture, she was invaluable in meetings with our Accountant, and our Home Loan specialist, in explaining the more technical terms to us when we didn’t understand. By having the background knowledge of our situation, she was able to explain why or why not certain avenues should be considered, and suggesting various measures that could be implemented to help us save a few dollars from a home loan, investment and tax angle, all while we were on the same page in the same room to avoid playing Chinese whispers.

Shonel is never very far away, and I harass her with little things here and there or seek her advice before I make a decision, and she is always willing to take my calls or answer my emails without hesitation.

Bill & Del

We have been clients of Enzo for the past 3 years, and have found him to be very thorough in getting the results we were after.
He is always willing to help in any way he can, being very neat and obliging, and we are proud to do business with him.

We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone we know.

Our Financial future is in good hands

We have have been a client of Shonel’s for over 7 years.

In that time we have found Shonel to be extremely professional in all aspects of financial planning and current global events associated with our future retirement needs. Shonel is always on hand to answer any concerns we may have. Besides the efficiency with which Shonel handles our business we have found her to be open, honest, caring and an incredibly friendly person. We have the utmost respect and confidence in Shonel that we recommended her to a close friend who is equally impressed with her professionalism.

My wife and I can both sit back and relax knowing that our Financial future is in good hands with Shonel.


Enzo. Thank you so much for guiding me to my future retirement. Your advise and explaining to me how the superannuation works, has really open my eyes. I had no idea how my money worked in the super fund. Your understanding of my personal situation, has lead you to guide me in other areas, should I have a loss of income etc. This has been comforting . With your wealth of knowledge and patience , you have guided me to my future of wealth.

You have been a rock for me as I don’t have any one else to trust. You are my SUPER MAN.


My name is John and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Enzo Fantasia and Shonel Vuletich for assisting me to quickly access my superannuation funds at a time when I was in desperate need of financial support.

The process was done extremely efficiently with excellent professionalism, in a addition to this they were both very attuned to my situation and responded appropriately. Meaning that I was in a very bad state not knowing how I was going to survive without accessing my superannuation funds. So be assured this testimonial comes from the heart when I say how very grateful I am that I have had these two people in my corner at time in my life when I needed it most. Their compassion, empathy along with their proficiency and professionalism set them both apart, in all my years of dealing with anyone in this area they are by far the best.

Thank you Enzo and Shonel from an extremely grateful and humbled client.

Jeff and Marie

Since contacting Enzo, we are confident our portfolio is in good hands and we are now on a good pathway to a secure retirement.

Karen & Jess


You have helped us plan for our future. Thank’s to your service my partner and I both have life insurance policies, early retirement savings and managed super funds. Your service is always exceptional and I always feel important and welcomed when coming to see you.

Thanks for looking out for our future.


Enzo is absolutely fantastic! I would never consider changing to another adviser. Enzo genuinely cares about the financial security of myself and my family. I have recommended friends and family to see Enzo and they have all said the same thing. It is comforting to know that someone is managing my family affairs that is trustworthy, efficient and does actually care. Enzo makes me feel that I’m not just another number or piece of paper but a valued client.

Desperate times call for hard decisions.

My husband and I were first introduced to Shonel when we were in an 'ok' financial position that just needed a little tweaking and improving. Shonel gave us a solid plan and strategy to improve our financial position and focus on a bright future. Unfortunately, not long after, my husband lost his job and as the main income earner our financial position was thrown into turmoil. In stepped Shonel. As soon as we approached her for help with our situation she was there for us. She spoke to banks and other lenders on our behalf, translating the financial jargon for us so that we understood our options.
She at times was the bearer of bad news but always had a solution at hand. We were no easy task and I believe that Shonel went above and beyond to get us back on track. She was always available to talk to us and answer inumerable questions and ‘what ifs’ and now thanks to her perseverence, knowledge and patience she has turned our life around and we can focus on the future again. If it weren’t for Shonel, we would have lost our home, our vehicles and our dignity. She never once judged us for the bad financial decisions of the past and as hard as it was for us to lay our financial disasters wide open for scrutiny, her calm, methodical approach gave us confidence that she could and would give us the tools to change our lives around.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Thanks Shonel.

Available whenever I need to call

Shonel has been our financial planner for over seven years. During this time, I have always found her to be extremely professional, honest, abreast of current issues, products and services that may be suitable to us. Most importantly, she has been available to us whenever we need to call on her.

Shonel’s calm and sensible advice assisted us greatly to weather the global financial crisis and also when my husband was recently made redundant Shonel was quick to come to our aid and show us various options enabling us to feel more confident about our financial future and retirement.

She takes the time to truly listen and understand our needs, which I feel is critically important given we are in transition to retirement, while still needing to meet everyday commitments and building a new home.

I feel our financial future is in competent, proactive and above all, an honest set of hands with Shonel.